Product Studio Photography in Kelowna

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Studio Photography for Products… Artwork… More

I delight in studio photography. Why? Because I’m very technical when it comes to lighting and product placement. I love analyzing and improving tiny little details in the shot until the photo looks just perfect. I’m a commercial photographer by trade so I’m very focussed on delivering high quality photos for demanding clients. My career often takes me across the provinces of BC and Alberta, but here in my Kelowna studio I’m really at home (in more ways than one).

For head shots and full body photos I’m happy to set up a portable studio at your location. For the purposes of this article I’ll stick to talking about my permanent studio where I shoot products of various kinds.

Welcome to my studio. It’s a real, full-time studio set up here in kelowna. This studio is not open to the public. It’s my own private studio where I photograph a long list of things such as food, energy bars, wine bottles, products to sell on Amazon, jewellery, and paintings by local artists. I’m very proud to say I’ve photographed everything from sprouts (micro greens) to acrylic on canvas in my studio. If you have any questions regarding my studio photography I’ll be happy to answer you. Simply by using the contact form on this website I’ll get an email to my cell right away!

amazon product photography

Amazon Product Photography

Food storage, clothing, exercise equipment, household consumables and the list goes on! People are buying everything online now. And the best part is that this is not a trend. This is the new way people shop. Which provides lots of opportunity for sellers to find new products and fill the growing market. Inquire about my studio photography rates by connecting with me through my contact page.

Amazon has set the standard for online photography of products and goods sold. Before Amazon photos of products sold online would have had almost any background you could imagine. The problem was consumers had very little trust in making purchases online. This is the key reason that eBay and other sellers have taken a back seat to the incredible growth that Amazon has seen. 

The standard white background, no shadow image is now what you would expect to see from every e-store. It doesn’t matter if its a book, or a swimming pool. Shoppers have an image in their mind of they are searching for and it is the item itself with nothing around it. It’s also this white background on a white website which makes this era of browsing feel clean and trustworthy. 

All e-commerce photography is delivered in the appropriate image resolution as well as even higher quality for printed brochures and banners too!

Acrylic on Canvas Studio Photography

Art Reproduction Quality Photography

If you’ve every taken your own photos of a 2D surface thinking how hard can it be – you’ve probably found out how hard it can be. With the right lighting, technical know-how, and equipment, the job can be done with success. It’s this technical know-how which is most important. 

Want to reproduce 3D art or textured oil paint on canvas? Even oversized canvases of 8 feet can be photographed and stitched together seamlessly to be reproduced at the same size! 

Why do artist need to have their work photographed? Many artist want a record of their art before it’s sold. But more practically many artist want to reproduce their work, frame it and sell it in a variety of sizes. In addition, many artist enter competitions to gain recognition. Sometimes it’s these recognitions that not only helps to get their name out there but also allows them to ask a higher price for their work. It’s only through popularity that some artists are charging in the tens of thousands while others are charging in the low thousands. 

studio photography food label for sprouts

Food Studio Photography

Note: fresh foods are photographed on location (white background optional). Refrigerated, dry, or packaged foods on a white (or other colour) background can be done in the studio. I can provide studio photography on and off location. 

Advertisements work so well with food because we are always getting hungry. You feel hungry, you see an ad, that’s what you want to eat later. 

Many Advertising and Marketing Specialists want quick and easy work of create their own ad campaigns. They know the importance of quickly dragging and dropping the full resolution food item into their projects. This is where the technical aspect will add value. 

Food Bar Studio Photography

Food Box Studio Photography

The Technical

If you are the Advertising Specialist or the Director Of Marketing then let’s get down to it. Lighting, studio and camera equipment aside – because we know that doesn’t ensure that your standards will be met. Let’s look at how the photos are delivered. Bottom line is you get what you ask for. 

Images of products on a white background can have a vector path and layer masks so you don’t ever have to worry about taking the time to “cut out” and image. Resolution from studio photos will always be larger than magazine quality. In fact, they can be blown up to fit a vehicle wrap with great clarity.

Quality and consistency that you can count on! Often clients will come to me with a variation on a product that I photographed one or more years before. No problem! When I shoot your product I also shoot the lighting set-up. This way I know how to duplicate the work that made your earlier projects a success!

Please contact me to inquire about your upcoming projects.

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