Housing Award Winner

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Why Win A Housing Award?

In a competitive industry there’s few things that will set you apart as a builder. One of those things will bring potential clients to your door, and that is by winning housing award(s). To position yourself as a trusted professional means that you become one of the must visit builders when a potential client is looking around for a new home or renovation.


First time shoppers choose to trust the more reputable names in the industry when looking for a builder. When a builder uses the housing awards to show that they have a long standing reputation in the building community, they can become the trusted advisor to these potential clients. They become one of the must visit builders when shopping around.

My client Abbey Platinum Master Builder (among others) is a great example of this. Every year they compete with dozens fo builders in central Alberta, and almost every year they take home some awards. Plus no efforts are wasted as all the photos will be used in social media and to update the website. When a potential client walks into their office it is impossible not to notice the numerous awards they have right in the foyer. This says we are a reputable and trusted builder, you can feel safe with us. They don’t just do well with the housing awards, they have also positioned themselves as the trusted professional by doing a number of other things well too.

Don’t Have Many Awards Yet?

Other things can say trusted professional besides winning awards. It’s important for a builder to do all of these fairly well, as the saying goes: the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. 

A well designed website that ranks high on google is probably the first thing people notice. Any good website will show one or more of these kinds of pictures: quality builds, trusted individuals, and happy customers; as well as will have a clear and concise website with easy navigation; and will show testimonials or success stories. Going beyond the website the appearance of your brand also includes your PMs, trades, and even the site itself. This includes having a logo on clothing, vehicles, and the site. Most importantly it can’t be over stressed to act professional, dress clean, and keep a clean site. 

When your brand itself presents as the professional choice even your trades will start to feel different and start to walk the talk. 


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