Here are a few success stories in photo gallery format from:

Builders & Developers – awards & marketing

Hotel & Hospitality – including head shots

Food & Beverage – including wineries & food bar manufacturers

Custom Woodwork & Cabinetry – all trade or service oriented professions

Art & Crafts – including paintings & other hand made or hard to describe products




This photo gallery is a small collection of my photography. These projects have been chosen because they are a good example of some of the diversity in subject matter and use of lighting that my clients have come to expect. If you are wondering if my photography might be a good fit for your projects, you can use the contact form below to inquire. I consider myself a versatile photographer, one who can adapt on the spot and solve unexpected challenges with professionalism and ease. 



Me too! I’m always learning something. On my home page you will find some recent tips and tricks I’ve found useful, usually geared around marketing and other related info. Basically anything that will help me to help my clients. 


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