Creating corporate videos with music tracks, professional voiceovers, and aerial footage.

Past Works:

Includes videos for clients like Glenmore Ellison Improvement District, Okanagan Hardwood Flooring, Alair Homes, and others.

Glenmore Ellison Improvement District – Water Advisory Lifted for Glenmore:

Okanagan Hardwood Flooring – Okanagan Flooring:

Rip Toned Fitness : About the owner Mark

Alair Homes Vancouver : Trade Seminar Highlights

Alair Homes Vancouver : David’s Intro Video

Alair Homes Vancouver : 7 Lessons that propelled me to success

Richmond Animal Hospital : Richmond Animal Hospita

Richmond Animal Hospital : Testimonial

Alair Homes Vancouver & Alzheimer Society: Boardroom Solution

Alair Customers : Fireplace Testimonial

Designer Gaile Guevara : Gaile Guevara Designing for Today and Tomorrow, part 1

My YouTube Channel : Where I teach cameras

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