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I don’t try to get on the cover, but…

Once in a while I will stumble across one of my photos on the cover of a local magazine. My clients work hard to promote their brands and earn these positions – I just do my best to help them do their best.

Marketing Challenge

It’s all too common to feel the pressure of trying to get an article in a magazine at all, especially on the cover. Whether it’s a local or national publisher. So when a client lands on the cover with one of my photos I’m probably as excited for them as they are.

This form of advertising, like most, is not very likely to drive any direct sales. As such it can be very difficult to measure the efforts of landing the article especially on the cover, in the fist place. But for sure, and the reason I believe it is worth the effort, is that it does two things. First it establishes with your clients, a level of confidence and positions you brand as a trusted professional in the industry. The second thing it does,  when combined with other forms of advertising throughout the year, is it keeps your brand at the forefront of their mind. So that when the time comes (which could be years down the road) it will be your brand they have to call as part of their shopping around.

Okanagan Life Magazine often lists the best of lists in a number of categories from food to entertainment and is distributed throughout the Thompson Okanagan. Central Alberta Homes is a publication catered around the housing industry for the towns and municipalities between Calgary and Edmonton. This magazine is published by the Central Home Builders Association – Centra Alberta. 

What I’m thinking when shooting

When I’m shooting, my goal is to be creative and capture a technically sound image that will communicate to the viewer (often my clients clients) the impression of quality and value. This is what I wish to give to my clients and this is what I try to portray to my clients clients through the use of photography. 


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