Why Photography Is Important In Modern Architectural Design

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What is Modern Architectural Design Exactly?

When we pick up a home magazine we all know modern architectural design when we see it. But there seems to be an unlimited number of homes with different design elements, layouts, and features, and yet they can all be modern. So what is it exactly that makes it modern? The “modern look” means simplicity in form and design. Modern architecture design is based on abstraction, which is created by clean lines, basic shapes and forms. Thus, simple, plain, geometric forms, rectangular shapes, and linear elements make the characteristic of modern architecture. 

Why is Photography Important in Modern Architectural Design?

From a marketing standpoint, good photography is eye-catching and appealing, strong in symmetry and balance. Just like good marketing, good photography should also be appealing. So clean that the viewer doesn’t have to think about what they are seeing. They can just simply take-in the appearance, or “look and feel” of a project. Let’s take it one step further; good photos should  actually enhance the overall impression that a viewer has of a home. 

To do this, the photographer has to consider many aspects about the home itself. By applying their knowledge and expertise to the project at hand the project will look it’s best. Using symmetry and the golden ratio as well as other photography principles will help a great deal. Not only that, but having extensive knowledge in lighting the photographer can get the desired effect; making every shot appear to have good balance of ambiance and mood whilst further bringing out the right colours and detail.

Now look at modern architecture design in a home. It’s simple, clean, basic shapes and lines create a pleasing environment especially in todays day and age, when no matter which direction you face there is an overload of input. A bombardment of clutter in our lives leaves people craving simplicity – a sanctuary where they can imagine their stresses melting away. I think this is what draws most people to modern design in an architectural environment. But modern architectural design by no means is plain, ordinary, or boring. A modern residence should have a personality it’s own. Something that makes it unique and speaks about the home owners, how they live and interact with the home itself.  

Good photography does all of this and more. Imagine reading a good book, one that could carry you away into an imaginary life where you could live for a moment vicariously through they eyes of another. 

The Success Of A Project And The Photography

How to measure the success of a project? One thing: customer response. Our goal in the end is to leave the viewer impressed and left with strong feelings about the project. That’s good photography. A great story and writeup means little without great photos to back it up. Even the best written articles don’t get read if the photography does not compel them to click into the post. What draws us in / what makes us click, it’s the pictures. The viewer will only click on photos that catch and please the eyes. Once in, the professionally written articles will only further help the ad to get traction. So the emphasis here is on the photos and careful consideration of camera angles, lighting and overall ability of the professional to (I’ll say it again) enhance the overall impression of the viewer. 

This Project

This homes is a beautifully designed and staged home build by Alair Vancouver. This incredible masterpiece wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and professionalism in Romans team. Click the link to view more work from this builder or contact his team to have them bring their creative talents to the table for you.  www.alairhomes.ca/vancouver/ 



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