How to improve your marketing efforts for builders

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How to Improve Your Marketing

I had a client (marketing director of a reputable building company) ask me if I had any advice on improving their marketing efforts over social media. I said, well yes, since you’ve asked… She was doing what I see many companies doing – builders and small businesses alike. I see companies all the time, regularly posting generic, very dry material. An ad like this might excite an accountant, but not the average person. 

Will You Will Be Their Builder?

There are a few larger factors in this equation. Probably the biggest one is trust, but without being on your potential customers radar you won’t even get the opportunity. So, how to show up on their radar will come down to establishing and carrying out on a marketing plain. Some marketing can be done for free as Neil Patel (a well known marketing consultant) points out. I will talk more about this below. 

Some reputable companies can rely on brand power to instil trust into their customers. Trust however, in it’s greatest form comes from word-of-mouth, and then secondly from a good brand impression. Your company image (primarily your website and photos) is often the first impression many clients will have of your business. Also trust can be established in a face-to-face encounters such as can be done with having an exhibit at a home show. 

The decision factor will come down to simple phycology. Most importantly your potential customer can only choose from the builders on their radar. Consequently from that list they will choose the one who they feel is the most trustworthy candidate for completing the job to their standards and budget. 

Brand Power Is Only As Strong As What People Think Of It

Thankfully unlike word-of-mouth which takes years to develop, brand impression is something that can be almost immediate. A building company is the wrong place to find people to build your website so don’t short change yourself here, hire a professional. You want to know how to improve your marketing, start with a good website. Do you do quality work? Show that you do, hire a professional photographer.

If you don’t make these investments who will believe you will put a solid effort into anything you do?

Most of all, it’s a psychological trust barrier when what is said and what is seen are not congruent. That’s why I say your brand is only as good as what people think of it. 

So What If Company XYZ Is Better, Nobody’s Heard Of Them

So your potential customers don’t know you exist, awesome! Because this is in your control. If you can afford to pay for regular advertising then you should do it, but it would be a mistake to expect an immediate return. The goal here is to positively strengthen your brands image over time while defining the unique qualities your company strives for. Sure some other larger companies may have a bigger budget but there are things you can do for free that will have an impact too.

How To Improve Your Social Marketing Reach, Immediately

Are your facebook posts getting the shares, likes, and comments that you seek? Most companies are not satisfied with the results of their posts on social media. If there is one thing on this page worth remembering, it’s this; posts that aren’t engaging don’t get shared. Check out how this successful energy bar company in kelowna structures their posts. Yet not all their posts get good traction, all of them are designed to get engagement. Therefore, they do get a fairly good numbers on some of their posts which can reach hundreds of people – for free. Sometimes doing this can be more influential than even a paid ad! 

Great example of using free marketing on facebook:


There are probably some other things we can look at to strengthen your brand and reach on social media. Click over to my contact page if you want to brainstorm with me some different ways we can improve your marketing. 


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