Food Bar Photography on White Background in Kelowna

Studio Photography on White Background

Probably the most common type of photography requested when it comes to shooting products in the studio is photography on white background. This is because it is an excellent way to display any product one might try selling on line. Furthermore it lends itself well to being cut out and placed over a graphic or a photo background. 

Food Bar Photography on White Background

The amazing Chantel from Solo GI Nutrition will email me and ask for photos every time a new product comes out. These photos have to be on a perfectly white background with no shadow. Why because these photos are used in many ways from signage to web and social media. Both their bar and product box photos are delivered in such a way that allows for easy placement onto other graphics. Therefore when I deliver images to them they come with a working path as well as having separate layers. This makes it as easy as drag and drop to get these photos onto their marketing. 

Did you know that SoLo Bar products can be found in pretty much every grocery store shelf in B.C.?  

SoLo and Social Medea

By the way, I am a big fan of the way they put together their facebook posts. Even though not all of their posts go viral, Chantel and the team at Solo do a fantastic job with their facebook page. If you visit their you will notice one thing, it is easy to engage with the majority of their posts. This means that fairly often they get posts that will reach well into the hundreds of views – not bad for a small nutrition bar company! 

If you are interested in picking up some good ideas here and there like I am, then please visit and follow them on facebook. Click here for the link or type in the text: solo energy bar into facebook.

The challenges of shooting consumer products

The addition of one new flavour means that all the current product boxes need to be photographed together again. Awesome for me right?  I happily welcome it for sure. But there is a challenge when I have to take photos a year or more later. Especially when the new bars have to match exactly the way the previous bars did. My studio setup (which is up year-round) changes constantly depending on the products. 

Also consider this. When shooting wine bottles for instance, I want the images to look unique and have a different feel form the other wine bottles I shot for another winery. This makes shooting new products challenging because it takes time to play around until I am satisfied with the results. Hence it also makes repeating a shoot hard as well, especially when so much time has passed.


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