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Ready for your big product launch?

It’s normal to be unsure or even nervous before your first product launch. Launching a new product on Amazon or your shopify store can be a big step. And I’m sure you’ve heard how important it is to have professional product photography right? After all, you are investing a lot of time, money, and energy into the big launch. And depending on how successful it is could determine the traction that your products will get for years to come! But don’t worry. You’ve just found a photographer with over twenty years of experience and knows a thing or two about making your products look their best. Oh! …and you don’t have to worry about sizing requirements, transparencies or any of that. I’ll take care of it all. 

Detail label macro close up Product Launch

Product label close up!

Not only is it important to have high res photos, but lighting plays a key role! Will your product look real or fake? Will it have depth and dimension or be flat? Are there reflective parts, blemishes, textures that need to be communicated or subdued through the photography? Your product label says a lot about the product itself, and you will want the value of the product to be reflected in the photos (or enhanced). Careful attention to this kind of detail will go unnoticed – and yes that’s a good thing. Just like the sound in a movie, it has to be perfect otherwise the audience will notice, and if something is not right they will notice!

You’ve made the investment in your product, don’t cheap out before it’s sold. You can have a bad product and good marketing, but you can’t have a good product and bad marketing. Otherwise you won’t make the returns needed to reinvest in new product.  Its a good thing you have experience on your side…


Photography of jewellery products

What do Amazon, shopify, and your website have in common?

When done correctly, they are all designed to work for you. The photography and the writing need to tell a coherent story. The story of how your product will help them in their daily lives. So let me help you to get these tools to work for you. Be it product photography, food packaging, or anything of the sort, I’m always happy to have a phone call or email about what can be done to shine a light on your products. 

Value added strategy:

Amazon Product Launch - Photography French Press

Winning customers over is easy when you know what they wan’t. Sure sometimes all the customers wants is a little reassurance that the product is of genuine quality. But other times there are so many buyers to choose from that they start to look at only price. Adding on some bonus material is a good way to keep your price up and protect your margin. 

 Product launch - bonus with French press

When done with care and attention to branding, having a model use your product can do a number of things for you. First it can talk about the type of people who buy your product. “If so-and-so liked this product then I’m sure it’s good enough for me.” Second it shows size and scale and gives a sense of feel for the product. “I can see how having one of those would help in my life.”

Amazon Product Launch French Press coffee pour

Product packaging designed here. If this is now your first product launch then you know how much time it can take just relaying all of the digital assets and communicating to multiple people can take from your busy life. Skip that step and rely on the trusted experience of your photographer to design all your product packaging.

Scale Product Packaging Design

Product launch is the best time to ask for reviews

I know, I know! It can be hard for entrepreneurs or business owners to ask for the review. But it’s proven to make a difference! Asking the customer to review your product is like saying “Hey, product X is my baby, but I know it’s not perfect. What can I do to improve?” What’s really happening when they tell you their opinion about your product or service is that the algorithms are going hey, this product is popular since all these people are talking about it. Good or bad publicity is good for the algorithms – just make sure to address the customers’ issues. As you know you want’ to back up your product 100%. This shows potential buyers that you are on top of every issue so they can then have confidence in buying from you. 

You know what ells can hit you right where it hurts? (The reviews.) When your products don’t look real. We all know what food packaging should look like, but how come so many new photographers struggle with inconsistent lighting, reflections, and or inaccurate colours? All of this plays a role in customer satisfaction.

Product packaging photographyIt’s easier than you think, when you have experience on your side

Your product launch is no small feat. Smart business owners and entrepreneurs, know that the biggest mistakes are the little mistakes made over and over again. Most people don’t even know that they are making the mistakes in the first place. They could be those little things that always slow you down, and even make your customers go huh? I’m talking about trying to do everything yourself instead of trusting the experts.

Don’t get caught up in trying to learn new software or equipment. You are starting a new product launch so you can get the wheels turning on your business. Trusting in the experience of a professional photographer – someone who has years of trial and error behind them and knows what consumers (and the algorithms) are looking for is what will put you ahead. 

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