Wine bottle Studio Photography

Wine bottle photography

The client (Arrowleaf Cellars) asked for their wine bottles on a white background. This is the most common request I get from wineries; wine bottle photography. That, and changing the vintage on the bottle thus giving them photos that can be used for years down the road. 

I took inspiration from the wine cellars name when lighting the products. Most of the bottles have a slender and gradual taper to the profile. Because of this I decided to light all of the bottles to accentuate this feature – first testing that it would work for all of the different shapes and sizes. The most noteworthy thing about the lighting is the arrow shaped point half way down the right side. 

Another cool design feature I noticed was on the Rosé wine label. It had a foil leaf logo that reflected light at just the right angle. In studio photography it’s very important to notice the small things. Every detail of a wine bottle or label is intentionally chosen by the winery. Therefor if I can accentuate, outline, or otherwise feature these careful considerations, then I am doing my job well.

Studio photography in general

I love studio photography because that’s how my brain works; I’m very technical. I also love to be presented with little challenges that need to be solved with careful attention. With bottles or other reflective objects the challenge sometimes can be incorporating something creative that will make the shot (or series) unique in it’s own respect.

I have a permanent studio setup for bottles and other even products of all kinds. If you have a curiosity about what I can bring to the table, please email me here.


Here’s a link to a complete full-length article on product studio photography

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  • Client: Assorted Okanagan Wineries
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