Photography of Paintings by Korenna Corby

I have done photography of paintings for a few artists now. However I have not seen an artist more grounded and inspirational, both in her work and in person, as Koreena Corby. Korenna has her paintings up in some exciting places around the Okanagan. Places like wineries for instance, who love having her work displayed. What better way to experience her paintings? Imagine feeling the influence of Okanagan wine and then to find yourself up close and personal with a large acrylic on canvas painting filling you with colourful emotions. 

As an artist (of sorts) myself I like to take pride in my photography of paintings, because this is where I get to show my ability to duplicate the original. Lighting, texture, size of reproduction; when the artists themselves are pleased to see my work, then I know I have done well.


Photography of Paintings

Being the photographer of another artist’s paintings comes with a great responsibility to represent the artwork true to real. This includes showing the real colours of course, but also showing the texture of the brush strokes and not over doing it. Keep in mind that some paintings are not only textured but also have reflective properties, which can make for a tricky shoot. When I photograph a painting I always have to start with the consideration of reproduction, which may be larger than the original in some rare cases. But also has to look good when projected onto a screen especially if these paintings are going to be judged in competition. 

Often artists will enter their work into competitions in order to get some recognition.


Silent Birch 2017

This acrylic on canvas is a large piece and is a strong focal point in any room. Staring at it seems to have some kind of power over me. I get the feeling it wants to transport me off to another universe, one where colours are more vibrant and the moments in life are experienced a little slower.


Grateful Green

For me, good art can be judged not by style, colour, or technique used – but by how long it can hold my attention. Does it have that special something, do I keep noticing new things within it? This painting does that. Not only am I a sucker for impressionistic nature scenes but this one has such bold colours that I cannot look at this work and not feel something.


Where else can you find Korenna’s work?

Korenna Corby’s website

Fine Art America


Korenna Corby’s testimonial:

When I first met Jason I had been painting and selling original nature scenes and abstract art pieces. I wanted to enter an art contest and Jason was able to photograph the art piece perfectly. He captured all of the true colours as well as the textures. He went above and beyond my expectations by providing me with close up shots of areas that were more textured. With Jason’s help I have successfully entered more contests and have been able to make colour perfect prints of my work. Jason’s attention to detail is amazing. His knowledge and artistic eye have also been very helpful in improving my skills as an artist. Jason will continue to be the photographer I trust to produce exceptional quality work.
Thank you so much Jason.


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Project details:
  • Client: Korenna Corby
  • Project Started: January 18, 2017
  • Completed on: January 20, 2017
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