Amazon Product Photography

 Product photography… with some requirements

Who likes restrictions? Oddly enough I do. Amazon product photography seems to force me to be creative and come up with better photos in the end. Why? Because Amazon has specific size requirements for the photos uploaded. Consequently this means that when shooting I need to be considering how to fill a square frame. This and also coming up with the best way to light and show the product(s) so that it looks like a real 3D object and it’s function is clear.

Amazon product photography

With Amazon product photography you want high quality images. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were told the photos you were using online were not good enough quality to put on your product package? Or even worse, how about if you paid for a professional photographer to take photos and then found out that the images you were given don’t fit Amazons square format. That’s where graphic design might come into play. 

I had a client with a product selling on Amazon that needed new photos. From the start I knew that this tall rectangular french press would need a creative solution or it wouldn’t fill Amazon’s allowed dimensions. Consequently the best thing to do is what my old art school teacher taught me to do; always fill the frame

Graphic design plays a key role

Product package design
Amazon product photography goes beyond the photo. This is a scaled down model of a product package design. Perfect for the client to pre-view her end product.

Furthermore graphic design allows you to communicate to your audience. Text on photos is probably the most read text on any page. As a result this is the best place to use images and text associated with your brand. 

I’m absolutely thrilled every time I get to work with someone selling products on Amazon. If a french press or dryer cotton balls are interest you then please check out


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