Photos That Sell Your Project

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One could argue that it’s not the photos that sell the project in the first place. But pause for a second, think about the last chocolate bar you ate. (I’m not going off topic just yet) Do you remember the wrapper it had? Of course you do!  That’s because you felt favour towards the “image” of what you bought. No Jason, I’m actually buying it because of the taste. …Yes, but when you were young do you remember trying all different kinds of chocolate bars until you found your favourite? From that point on you had learned what you like best, and now you just know. At this point you associate with the image of the brand stronger than you do the flavour.

It’s behavioural  science! Yes of course the style of home, staging, or ones introduction to the builder and so forth all have large parts to do with the buyers ultimate decision. But as adults, we carry strong associations with image, and therefore the importance of brand impression cannot be understated. 

As a builder, investing in your company image is a long term investment. One that successful builders have learned to budget for on an on-going basis. 

The right impression

Many people associate with different brands for different reasons. To bring home the key of this blog post ask yourself this: what does your brand represent? Is it quality, if so then have only high quality photography to back up your message. Is it honest service and customer support? Then show professional images of your service rep with real happy homeowners! 

As Tony Robbins says: Certainty is one of the strongest human needs on the planet. When we buy into a brand, we are choosing the certainty of that experience. 

Have you ever been on the website of a hotel and seen a few very nice looking photos and some poor ones? Most people will ask themselves where did those nice photos come from. It’s hard to know what you’re going to get. …let’s keep looking then. A few bad photos can be the weakest link in the chain. Your brand impression is only as strong as a person’s impression of it. 


Lets face it advertising is not cheap. So when it comes to marketing how can you be sure the photos you’re spending money on will cut the mustard? 

Marketing is mostly word of mouth is it not? It’s not when you’re talking g about huge brand names. Because a certain level of trust just goes with the image. But if you are not the Hershies of home building than consider this. Buyers are carefully comparing builders by their impression of the brand. Advertising should be looked at as an investment into the long term exposure and growth of a brand. 

To recap; 

look at the purpose: sell home, exposure, 


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