Vancouver Photographer living in Kelowna

It seems like I’m in Vancouver every other month or so. Would I call myself a Vancouver photographer? Yes, definitely. 

Vancouver is my second home

I am a photographer wherever I go. So when I am in Van, I’m a Vancouver photographer. And since I have family there and I seem to visit so often it is definitely my home away from home.

The photos you see here are from North Van, actually the Sunshine Coast which is still on the mainland but requires access by ferry. If you’ve never been to the Sunshine Coast it is a must see, if you love nature and the ocean. Get ready to slow down, the pace out there is not like Vancouver.

Photography of this modern coastal merge

As a photographer, Vancouver photographer this kind of working environment just comes as part of the deal.  

My number one concern when photographing this property is getting a perfect exposure inside and out. Because the view here is just as important as the home itself. Rather, they compliment each other.

My second priority with these photos was to carefully shift (a tilt-shift lens allows for perfect horizontal alignment while being able to move the frame around in 2D space without loss of pixels) the lens to allow for some unique raised and lowered camera angles. This allowed me to capture many shots from a perspective which added the feeling of vastness. 

Justin of Alair Homes North Vancouver is always dedicated to fine craftsmanship. You can visit his site here: http:


Project details:
  • Client: Alair Homes North Van
  • Project Started: February 29, 2016
  • Completed on: March 18, 2016
  • Category: