Exterior Home Photography

Exteriors are often a good place to impress

Often I see exterior photos that have been poorly shot, especially at dusk. Loss of detail in dark tones and a flat looking photos are the result of not using proper lighting. A good exterior at dusk should make the house come to life, make it look more outstanding. This is the impact the right kind of exterior home photography can have.


This project was shot in near freezing temperatures so no elaborate lighting was used.

Often times I like to use many lights and hide them within the landscaping to bring the home to life. But with the simple landscaping and cold temperatures I had to use a different plan. Thankfully this home was designed with exterior lighting built in. The only think I had to make sure of is that my strobes would cover all of the visible exterior that was not light. That plus I popped a hand-held flash from the far side to add some depth and texture. With care I spent a good amount of time finding my angle and adjusting it just so. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes the home pop with a sense of shape and depth. I love the mix of cool and warm light to accentuate the stark difference from outside to in. 

It was a pleasant surprise to see this one had been used on the cover of Okanagan Life magazine.

Inside and out

I was also hired to shoot the inside of this home because it was needed at the time. A little too soon though.

When the photos were needed some of the finishing touches were still being made. That plus the fact that there was no furniture made me have to think a little bit. A space can look too open and barren and have a lack of life without furniture. But it was needed – challenge accepted.

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Project details:
  • Client: Bill Frame
  • Project Started: November 12, 2013
  • Completed on: November 16, 2013
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