Residential Photography

Residential photography exterior at McKinley Beach

Could your luxury home benefit from quality residential photography?

Yes, absolutely!  When it comes to residential photography not all photography is created equal.  If you’re a quality builder and the work you do is creating a luxury product, you will want to use a reputable quality photographer who has many years experience in residential projects. You can think of photography kind of like a products wrapping. Most of the time peoples first impression will be through those photographs and not actually seeing the home in person. This is the hook. Like in music, you’ll want to draw them in by using “tasty visuals” that represent the product accurately. Remember, this is your opportunity to make a good first impression. 


If you’re a quality builder (with a quality brand) then so too should you use quality photography. After all there is a saying, “the way a person does one thing is the way they do everything”. And it’s true. Your future clients will only buy from you if they trust that you are delivering on the quality that you speak of. One way they can trust this is by looking at the photos of past work.

The phycology of shopping for a home is the same as when we are shopping for groceries. The only difference is in how much effort we put into making the right decision. I walk into the store with an idea of what I’m looking for. I brows around, even at those things which I may not buy, and then make my decision based on how the products fit with my vision of what it is that I wanted. Granted the purchase of food is much more impulse driven, but the decision making process is still the same. That’s where quality residential photography comes in to play. In most cases, it’s what connects the shopper with the item they want to investigate. 

Two things to look for in quality residential photography

One, are the horizontal lines perpendicular?  What I mean by this is, are the walls of the home straight up and down? No builder builds a crooked house on purpose – so they shouldn’t be happy to show photos where the house looks like the camera was askew. This shows that the photographer didn’t put in the time to straighten the camera before the shot. If the photographer cut corners on the builders watch then what did the trades cut corners on?

Two, are the highlights blown out or is there still detail in the bright and dark sections of the photo?  This is something that really bothers me. Why? Because when I see this I know that the builders have overpaid for quick run and gun photography.  The proper way is to bracket the photo, taking multiple exposures to create one single well exposed image. Like-wise it is also a pet-peeve of mine to see a dusk shot of a home taken way too late in the evening. Not only has the landscaping or even the home itself lost detail, but almost always these photos are not representing the accurate colours of the home. 

Like any good product photography these basic principles are what separate good photography from bad.  There are more could be talked about but these are the two most obvious to be aware of. 

It’s your brand

Unfortunately the look and feel of your brand goes far beyond the quality of your work.  But fortunately I’ve been able to help many successful builders by giving them the tools to make a good first impression every time.

It’s your customer

The customer is the one with the loudest voice.  At the end of the day the goal is to have raving fans who have only good things to say.  And a part of their experience will be the story of how you met, it will be their first impression!  

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  • Client: Luxury Homes Realty Inc.
  • Project Started: October 03, 2018
  • Completed on: October 23, 2018
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