This just in: this home has won a Housing Award of Excellence!

Living In A Modern Home

I love showhome photography. The perfect mix of innovation, design, and beauty. Or what I like to call it, a photographer’s dream. It’s a blank canvas, never been lived in before, a symbol of dreams being realized. This showhome brought all of those aspects to life while being fun, flexible, and stylish.

Creative Rotating Wall

We’re used to thinking of multi-purpose rooms as drab boring squares that can technically be used for anything because it hasn’t been dedicated to something. Now imagine a home that brought multi-purpose to a whole new level.

This innovative showhome featured a rotating wall; TV and fireplace on one side, contemporary art on the other.

Whether owners are inviting guests over to cheer on their favourite team, or hosting a wine and cheese night, they can transform their living room in just seconds. The best part is, with a solid steel frame construction and no visible wires, guests won’t even know!

Creative Use of space

Builders and developers are constantly being inspired by the market to bring innovation to the table. No longer is ‘extra storage’ being accepted as a creative use of space. Imagine a home that adapts to how YOU want to use it. You might not always want a TV in the kitchen, but how amazing is it to have the flexibility to choose when and where your TV can be viewed.

What’s Next?

I don’t know what the industry will think of next, but I’m excited to be the one that gets to photograph these beautiful showhomes


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